AD Slater Mechanical, HVAC Contractor Based in Carolina Beach, NC

Heating and Air, Ductwork, HVAC System Installation

Get an efficient HVAC system installation from AD Slater Mechanical. When you replace your old system with a new one from us, you'll save on repairs and energy bills. You can also use our services for new construction projects. No new home is really complete without working heating and air conditioning.

We take care of HVAC installations in single-family homes as well as some commercial locations like offices and retail stores. Did you just buy a home? We'd be happy to install a new HVAC system in it.

When we install your new system, we'll take care of every aspect. That includes:

  • Completing the wiring
  • Adding in fireplaces
  • Replacing the ductwork
  • Installing gas piping

Call today to get an estimate on your HVAC system installation in Carolina Beach, NC.

We'll handle your ductwork installation

We'll handle your ductwork installation

Proper ductwork installation requires some careful measurements. We have to match the airflow capacity and velocity of your new ducts to your existing HVAC system. If you're getting a new HVAC system, we'll make sure we match up the ducts with your system.

You'll finally be able to relax and enjoy your home once we've installed updated ducts that prevent leaks and enhance cooling efficiency.

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